Fire damage? Things to keep in mind to act promptly

The fire department is attending to calls from distressed people almost every minute. There is so much at stake, whenever a fire breaks out. But, staying alert during an accident, especially when it concerns to fire is of utmost importance. Here’s how to act whenever a fore breaks.

Promptly inform the authorities
The first thing to do whenever you see the fumes is to quickly dial the fire brigade and inform your address and location to them clearly. For utmost safety, keep these numbers handy at your office, warehouse, home, and teach and explain all your family members and workers about the importance of fire safety and staying alert whenever they spot the trace of an accident.

As a next step, use extinguishers, sand or similar items to bring the fire in control to a great extent. This will help keep the damages in control and stop the fire from causing a havoc.

While observing these steps when the problem has happened is okay, it is also important to be alert in advance.

Wondering how?
A Fire insurance policy is a perfect fit here and it gives you a coverage against damages and losses triggered by fire. This is a necessity to shield you from unnecessary catastrophes. When you have a good comprehensive fire insurance plan, then as per the policy terms your claim is not the measure of the loss you have faced. Equipped with the best fire insurance policy you can claim a hefty coverage, provided you decide on the right add on and a good premium. As the insured, you can eligible to claim as per your pre-decided coverage in case of loss, incurred by fire.

What is the coverage possible under the policy?
It is obvious for you to have lots of questions regarding your policy terms and what you get with each policy. The idea is after all to get maximum coverage on an affordable premium. Let’s assure you that be it your home or office, a comprehensive fire insurance plan gives you coverage against fire-induced mishaps and the losses on immovable and movable properties.

From office buildings, shop, furnishing, stock & inventory, machinery, to your home and residential premises, everything is covered under the policy terms of fire insurance in India. The coverage is all-inclusive and always assures you of protection for both your professional and personal possessions and properties.

Who should get a fire insurance policy?
Any person/institution /firm/organization who may have exposure to financial loss or damage in case of fire outbreak, owners of buildings or people who possess valuables and have fear of damage on it through fire, shopkeepers or retailers, godown owners, someone who owns a warehouse, educational institutions, research institution, bank or other financial, institution, trusts, charitable institutions, hospitals, hotels, clinics, lodging and boarding centers or other related service providers should buy fire insurance. Other than that manufacturing firms, industrial entities and transporters can also buy fire insurance in order to stay on peril and safeguard their property or assets from future accidents.

How to get a claim?
Raising a claim on the damages so that you can get your policy to pay for all losses, is the most important aspect of your fire insurance policy. So, while you attend to cleaning and repairs of the damaged property or machines at your workshop, it is important to first access the claim with a monetary value. This will help you decide on how much of the repairs the claim covers and how much of it goes from your own pocket.

How to get a claim?
Generally, if you have done a right assessment of your premises and assets when taking a policy, then getting a claim to cover up the maximum magnitude of your losses is not a problem. But, shortfalls happen when the assessment was not done the right way. Either ways, when raising a claim fill-up the right documents and talk to your insurance provider or agent about the incident in detail. Take photos of the damages and weigh it down to the last penny to calculate the exact amount of loss. It is very important to back your claim with evidence, so be sure to keep every little detail handy, when filing a claim and this will help move your case in the right direction, quickly.

How to get a claim?
In most cases the fire insurance policy is active for a maximum of one year from the date of inception of the cover. However, in case of businesses and if you are sure that you are going to use the premise for a longer duration, you can opt for a bigger policy that insurers you for a longer term. But before you choose to invest in the best fire insurance for business, talk to us. We at Akshar are always ready to offer you the best guidance and a hassle-free fire insurance coverage, so that you can stay alert and ready for the rough days!

How to get a claim?
Our best suit is our claim settlement method and how we tackle it through a hassle-free, easy going process. We are always ready to be the fire fighter for you, just when you need so that you can carry on with your business without dropping an eyelid about the accidents or worrying about it.

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