Keep in mind a few things to make better decisions when buying health insurance

Diabetes or pre-existing health conditions will need regular medical attention, which means a recurring expense. However, when buying a health insurance plan this can be a hindrance too. Most health plans exclude pre-existing conditions and its related ailments from the policy coverage. So, if you have a family history of diabetes or other pre-existing conditions, here are a few things you should keep in mind when buying a health insurance in Mumbai or other cities of India.

Select an ailment-specific plan
When choosing the best health insurance when you have been detected with an ailment, it is important to thoroughly discuss the nuances of the policy with your agent in advance. So, shift your attention to a health plan, which offers ample hospitalization coverage and gives all the facilities that the patient will need coverage for to get proper treatment done, when the need arises.

Look for a minimum waiting period plan
When deciding on a medical insurance plan suitable for diabetes or other pre-existing ailments understand that you will have a waiting period to abide by. Insurance for pre-existing diseases such as diabetes comes with a 12 to 24 months waiting period. But, certain insurance providers extend this further too. So, when buying the policy check for the lowest waiting period and buy the one that covers you for checks up and tests. This is an ongoing expense when dealing with pre-existing conditions, including this as part of your policy will help you stay fluid financially.

Plan on buying the policy early
If you have a family history of pre-existing diseases then it is better to have an insurance coverage in hand as early in life, as possible. This will help you get over with the waiting period faster and allow you a chance to get covered for the treatment quickly without any glitch.

Buy a policy that offers something extra
The best health insurance plan will always offer something extra apart from the coverage it promises. This means that when you select the modern health plans then you have a chance to get inducted into the chronic care management program. This special program gives you access to health coaches and nutrition counselling, which is an add-on and helps a lot with chronic illnesses. It allows you to stay on the right side of health and stay connected to alternate ways of staying healthy and it sets you on track with a routine of sorts. This certainly helps improve your health and saves a lot of money going from your pocket.

All in all the health insurance coverage when bought with a lot of thought will cover hospitalization expenses, doctor fees, alternate medicine costs, and a lot of other expenses incurred towards other health complications. Apart from this, health plans in general offer the following comprehensive coverages in India.

  • 100% personal accident cover.
  • Modern treatments are also claimable. This includes Oral Chemotherapy, Uterine artery Embolization and HIFU, Robotic surgeries, immunotherapy, Bronchial thermoplasty, Stem cell therapy i.e. Hematopoietic stem cells for bone marrow transplant for hematological conditions, Intra Vitreal injections, Green laser treatment or holmium laser treatment, Deep Brain Stimulation, and Balloon Sinuplasty.
  • Hospitalization and treatment costs.
  • The best health insurance also covers OPD treatment.
  • It will cover the cost of doctor’s fees, so you can consult the best of the doctors without worrying about the consultation fee.
  • It covers the cost of diagnostic fees and medicine costs are covered under a health plan.

Health insurance in Mumbai or anywhere in India helps in winning the battle against significant health problems. The best health insurance plan ensures that you avail the best possible treatment. However, irrespective of whether you are buying a policy keeping an ailment in mind or for the general health of you and your family, you will have to talk to the best insurance agents to get a holistic policy that includes all the above.

To make things easier, get in touch with the best insurance agent in Mumbai, Akshar and make your decisions rightfully. Assuring 100% claim settlement, Akshar goes that extra mile to find you a policy that makes your journey to treatment and good health, highly satisfying and financially lucrative.

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