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A leading trader heavily depended on import & export of goods to continue their business in the market. Initially it was easy for the senior management and the core team to keep an eye on cargo in transit, but as the team grew and the business grew the problems started cropping up. Trade volume increased, so increased the team and then the cargo movement also expanded all across land, sky, and sea. This was when one day all hell broke loose and some cargo went missing in transit.

Such instances are common for growing export-import houses. There is no way that one can keep a tab on what is happening in each transit. But this is where we recommend you to have the marine insurance handy. Being the best marine insurance agent in Mumbai, we are capable of fore sighting the trends and know what you will need to stay on guard in transit, that’s why we suggest you embrace the shield, miles before starting the journey with your cargo.

Marine insurance is capable of safeguarding you from losses
Just like this leading trader, if your business involves transit of goods then marine insurance should be a priority for you. In case of the trader we mentioned, they had to pay off the client for their missing goods and also had to take a hit back on their reputation. The industry is really small and one company having a bad experience with you will likely review you negatively and that is bound to make you lose business from others in the long-run. Imagine how much this company could have saved, had they paid a small premium on a marine insurance plan. We at Akshar responsibly offer you only quality & best marine insurance, which covers all your cargo shipping and transportation needs.

Choose your policy based on your business scope
There is no one policy for all kind of scope when it comes to choosing insurances fit for your business. Your business is unique, customer set is very different from others, and most importantly your style of doing business is absolutely tailor-made as per your understanding of the arena. That’s why, when we select the best marine insurance for you we not only choose from the broader types of policies available like Freight Insurance, Liability Insurance, hull insurance, and Marine Cargo Insurance. But we ask an elaborate list of questions to you:

  • What is the nature of your transaction?
  • Who are your major clients?
  • What is the primary sector in which you operate?
  • Your team strength and much more…

We profile you for your safety
Yes! That’s right, this long list of questions help us know you better. Spending time with us, the best marine insurance agent in Mumbai will actually help you decode your business needs more specifically and allow us a chance to offer you a marine insurance policy that will help you get over any damages or disaster with grace. Typically, marine insurance can be categorized as

Freight Insurance, Liability Insurance, hull insurance, and Marine Cargo Insurance. Freight insurance provides a shield against loss or damage of goods and freight, marine liability insurance gives compensation for any liability occurring on account of a an accident, hull Insurance covers against damages and accidents, and marine cargo insurance is insures goods in transit.

Costs that you can cover with your marine insurance policy
The trader in question had to bear a lot of costs, from paying for the lost cargo to litigation cost and other miscellaneous expenses, so as to come out of the situation. Accidents will always have you to pay a hefty price, that’s where the marine insurance policy keeps you financially in check and allows you to claim your litigation and penalty related expenses from the policy cover.

Looking closely at the costs the marine insurance policy pays for
When you have a comprehensive marine insurance policy, you can certainly keep risks at bay. The best marine insurance that we offer can help you take care of pointless threats. Further the coverages included in your policy are:

  • It covers your goods against events such as fire, discharge of cargo in case of distress, explosion, accidents like sinking, capsizing, derailment, collision, etc.
  • It covers the damage incurred on the cargo when in transit or during loading and unloading.
  • The policy also covers losses due to breakage, chipping, denting, bruising, theft, non-delivery, all water or air damage, etc. on the goods.
  • • Risks incurred on the package or goods owing to wars, strikes, riots, and civil commotions are not covered under the policy clauses. However, the insurer may provide this cover on payment of additional marine insurance premium.

The best part about the policy is that we offer you a relentless protection for your goods and vehicles against accidents in land, water, and air and never let you suffer in business. Your reputation is at stake and we are here to maintain that with the right policy.

There are many insurance agents who sell you insurance and is nowhere to be seen when it comes to claim settlement. Moreover, claim settlement in marine insurance is a big hassle as a lot of freight cost and other cascading charges are involved. This is where we come in the picture as your support and we are proud in calling ourselves the best Marine Insurance solution provider. So, before setting out in transit with your goods, talk to us and let us help you create that safety shield for your business with marine insurance.

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