This policy covers you against liabilities arising towards you during the operation of the aviation hull related activities. However, the policy has its own set of exclusions too. The damage incurred on the aircraft or the vehicle needs to monitored and a coverage is due to all risks subject to mentioned exclusions.

  • Why you need the policy: The risks involved in transit and how much it is important to safeguard every aspect of the vehicle for your safety is something unmissable. That’s why we are always looking to support you with the best marine hull insurance and aviation liability insurance coverage.
  • Who should buy: The Hull Insurance coverages are a must for companies or businesses dealing with their own vehicles for transit of goods.
  • What the policy offers: The policy offers coverage for bodily injury or death sustained by third parties other than passengers, bodily injury or death sustained by passengers, and damage to property owned by third parties.

This policy includes damages to vehicles in motion and hull coverage typically excludes damage caused by wear and tear, electrical breakdown, war and related perils (including terrorist acts), excessive heat (to the engine), hijacking, and confiscation by a government authority. The claims can be raised only up the insured amount and it is only sanctioned, post the damages are well-measured and understood. This lets you take maximum claim when a mishap strikes. The aviation liability insurance is a specialized liability coverage that offers you a big shield against liabilities arising in transit.

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