Insurance policies are your financial shield, which allows you to grow financially without having to think of the rainy days. Akshar is counted among the best credit insurance companies in Mumbai and holds your concerns and insurance needs at the core of every policy planning. The Trade Credit Insurance Policy in Mumbai or anywhere else in India is meant to offer your business a cushion. So, before even suggesting a policy or planning that much needed coverage, we take an effort to understand your business.

  • Why you need the policy: Other may not understand your business just the way you do, but a trade credit insurance agent in Mumbai who keeps their customers at the heart of every decision they take will help you get a coverage that safeguards your business against credit defaults. You need this policy because it is a risk management tool that covers the payment risk resulting from the delivery of goods or services.
  • What the policy offers: This insurance helps safeguard you against the dues and payment delays that may arise in your arise owing to a client not paying you on time or a vendor refusing to abide by the due date for payment.
  • Who should buy: All small and medium enterprises should always be equipped with this policy to keep themselves ready to face credit defaults, if any. Small businesses should especially have these policy in hand owing to their finite risk-taking capacity. Big enterprises always have the capability to float through risks owing to their big cash flow and financial cushion. So, a small credit default may not harm them much. Small enterprises in this case needs a cushion.

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