The best fidelity guarantee insurance policy in Mumbai works like a shield that always keeps the safety of the employer intact, come what may. This policy broadly covers monetary loss sustained as a result of any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by the employees in the course of performance of their duties.

  • Why you need the policy: As an employer when you are dealing with a huge team, it is not possible for you to keep a watch on every individual on an everyday basis. This is where the fidelity guarantee insurance cover helps keep you secured and safe, in case a mishap hits your firm.
  • What the policy offers: Fidelity guarantee insurance policy meaning is pretty simple, it is that policy which you covers financial loss due to any act of fraud / dishonesty committed by your employee on or after the date of commencement of this policy. Willful losses and losses not falling within retrospective date are not covered within this policy terms.
  • Who should buy: For additional premium, you can also cover the losses incurred in case of an act of terrorism. So, keeping the viability and the basic safety net of the policy in mind, it is advisable for every company owner/business person to buy this policy to safeguard their business interest at all times.

The fidelity guarantee insurance cover does not pay for losses not discovered with the period of the insurance or within twelve months next following the date of expiry or the date of cancellation as the case may be. Also, it does not pay more than more than one claim in respect of acts of any one of the employees. So, when taking the policy keep an eye on the terms and then buy the right coverage to get maximum benefits.

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