When the accident or damage incurred on your business and property exceeds Rs.100 crore, then the industrial all risk insurance policy comes into play. This policy is a comprehensive coverage and it safeguards your interests from all sides without making you compromise on your problems.

  • Why you need the policy: The best industrial all risk insurance in Mumbai covers all risks and perils, which a large industry may face during its operation. We acknowledge that minor accidents and breakdowns (or theft) may lead to major shutdown or huge expenses. Additionally, electronic equipment and machineries are expensive and often involve large sums to get them repaired and ready post the accident. This is where we highlight the need for a policy like this to safeguard the huge expenses through the coverage.
  • What the policy offers: This policy covers Buildings, Machinery, Furniture, Fixtures, Fitting & electrical installations on Reinstatement value, while the stock is covered on market value basis. The industrial all risk insurance coverage also pays for all major shutdown costs or losses incurred owing to the shutdown, The policy also meaningfully covers equipment’s and machinery repair costs and other expenses that the industrial set-up may need to pay for to get back on feet post the accident.
  • Who should buy: Any and every industrial set-up should invest in this comprehensive, all-inclusive plan. This is the right policy that helps safeguard the interest of industries and the elaborate costs that may arise owing to an accident.

This is a very hefty coverage and there are many aspects to this policy. So, keeping this thought in mind, it is important to do the right judgement when buying this industrial all risk insurance coverage. It is important to know the deductibles and exclusions for the policy in detail before deciding to invest in it.

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