Marine Insurance: Stay on guard in Transit

When your business involves daily transit of cargo, across land, water, or air, then the safety of your goods is a constant concern for you. When in transit, as the lanes of transportation across land and even sea or air, get busier due to snowballing trade volumes, the scope for accidents increases. But, the good news is that we have your back. Being the best marine insurance agent in Mumbai, we can forecast the trends and that’s why we suggest you embrace the shield, miles before starting the journey with your cargo.

Why marine insurance is important?
Marine insurance should be your support system, in case you are engaged with a business that involves transport of goods both within domestic and international limits. We at Akshar offer you quality & best marine insurance, which covers all your cargo shipping and transportation needs.

Types of marine insurance?
Prominently marine insurance can be categorized as Freight Insurance, Liability Insurance, hull insurance, and Marine Cargo Insurance. Here’s what each stands for:
Freight insurance covers and provides a shield against loss or damage of goods and freight.
Marine Liability insurance gives compensation for any liability occurring on account of a ship crashing or colliding.
Hull Insurance covers the hull & torso of the transportation vehicle. It is a cover for the transportation against damages and accidents.
Marine cargo insurance Marine cargo insurance is used to insure goods dispatched from the country of origin to the country of destination.

Accidents happen, why let it taint your business growth?
You have been in business for decades now and are constantly using the road, rail and sea route for transportation of goods, but that doesn’t mean you are safeguarded against accidents. Whatever may be the reason for an unpredicted accident, the marine insurance policy will help you get over the disaster with grace. Moreover, an accident can drain you financially too and you may have to face litigation and penalties, the costs of which can be exorbitant. While legal expenses cannot be ignored, you can get funds to keep yourself shielded against such problems using your marine insurance policy.

It is a well-rounded protection with the marine insurance policy When you have a comprehensive marine insurance policy, your cargo can operate without worrying about any risks. The best marine insurance that we offer can help you take care of unnecessary threats.

In addition, it is good to remember that your cargo and vessels are maintenance intensive. This means the lack of spares or consumables over time can result in wear and tear. It will automatically affect the quality of your vehicle and reduce its utilization or power to fulfill the demands of your business. This may have a cascading effect on your business earnings. That is why, we also help you create funds for regular maintenance through your marine insurance policy. The best part about our policy is that we offer you a constant protection for your goods and vehicles against accidents in land, water, and air and never allow the motion of your business to come to a halt.

Factor in all clauses of accidents, unavoidable calamities, theft, or even an attack on your cargo. It is always good to account for all the possibilities you can imagine. This will help you prepare for the worst, but in return you will be able to safeguard your present and may never have to face the torrential rains. To tide over the difficulties that may occur in transit, denying that something bad can happen is never the right approach. Rather, think long-term, stand on watch and guard your fort from every horror. While you are taking care of your business deals, allow us to plug every little gap with a well-rounded marine insurance policy.

As an importer & exporter, a marine insurance is a must-have for you. Capitalize on this versatile instrument to cut-short your financial risks, and achieve your business goals both on the sea and the land with ease. In case you are wondering how to get the best marine insurance agent near me, who can help with claim settlement in marine insurance, look no further! We are your one-stop Marine Insurance solution provider. We are a team, who always has your best interest in mind. Just reach out to us and we will help you stay guarded, so that your momentum is never halted, under any circumstances!

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