Lending services to a customer is never a full proof process and can give rise to unintentional mishaps too. Certain mishaps caused under intoxication, an unlawful criminal act, a forceful harm caused to someone or a property in the name of the service and much more are considered to be a crime. However, there are certain results that may not always be in your favour even if you are offering rightful services. This is why every professional needs a professional indemnity insurance.

  • Why you need the policy: As a professional you are always going that extra mile to treat your patients, strike that deal with the customer and offer personalized services. However, when going that extra mile, you may falter unknowingly too. Thus, we recommend you having the professional indemnity insurance handy keeping the future troubles in mind.
  • What the policy offers: The professional indemnity insurance for doctors and medical practitioners for instance offers a coverage against claims arising out of bodily injury / death or legal suits brought in by any patient or their families, which they allege the professional of having caused due to an error, omission or negligence in professional service. It is important to understand here that a professional, be it a doctor or someone else is responsible for not only his own negligence but also for the negligence of his employees, provided such an act occurs under his direct supervision. So, with the professional liability cover the insured professional and his Qualified Assistants or employees named in the Proposal get compensation for the liabilities as per the policy coverage limits. The only condition here is that the incident must be committed during the period of insurance commencing from the Retroactive Date.
  • Who should buy: The professional indemnity insurance is well suitable for professionals from all walks of life. Be it doctors or medical professionals or architects and interior designers, any professional engaged in giving their services to a customer to help them streamline some requirement with ease should buy this policy and keep it handy in case some legal action is taken against the professional owing to their negligence in the court of law.

The professional indemnity insurance quote is always a notch above the normal insurance policies and mostly for medical practitioners the exclusions and inclusions are very different and may include or exclude liabilities for certain diseases or treatments too. That is why, it is important to seek the policy the very best professional indemnity insurance policy in Mumbai from the right agent to get ample coverage and security.

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