Why do you need to have a Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance guarantees financial protection to the policyholder family. Life insurance must cover all financial liabilities, otherwise, there is a risk of under insurance.

The basics of life insurance are easy to understand. It can be difficult to know if or when you need your own policy and how much life insurance you might need. Here's what you need to know about life insurance so that you can decide for yourself. The life insurance cover extends over a fixed period, after which the contract no longer exists. In general, the premium you pay will depend on factors such as the type of insurance you have. It depends on the plan, the amount of coverage you buy , the tenure, your health, and your age. It is important to accurately determine the amount of coverage you will need, not only because it will determine the amount of premium you will pay, but also when you are underinsured, the actual purpose of your insurance purchase will be nullified.

The reason for buying insurance policies is as follows: In the event of death, Your relatives can be compensated financially in the amount of the insurance cover you have taken out. Several other factors will precisely determine the amount of insurance coverage you can get. As a result, most people buy life insurance for tax savings or investment purposes, which should not be the only season to buy life insurance.

Types of Life Insurance Policies:
There are basically four types of life insurance: Term, Endowment, ULIP, and Life Insurance plans.
- Term plans are the cheapest forms of insurance that cover the risk of unfortunate mishaps for a specified period of time. Long-term plans generally do not offer anything in return to comply with the terms of the policy, however, there are certain long-term insurance plans, such as the Exide Life Insurance Smart Term Plan, which offers life insurance for the period of your choice and also refunds the premium when the policy expires.
- Endowment plans are savings insurance instruments: they offer life insurance coverage for the term of the policy, as well as a return on investment. Money-back plans are a form of endowment plan in which you receive policy benefits in the form of regular payments, even if you continue to pay a premium.
- ULIP is a life insurance policy that offers a combination of risk cover and investment protection. The dynamics of the capital market have a direct influence on the performance of the ULIPs.
- Whole-life plans are policies that, as the name suggests, don't just cover you for fixed tenure but for the entire life.

Some types of insurance plans also serve as vehicles for retirement planning. An annuity is a contract between you and an insurer that enables you to receive a premium in the years after you retire. A deferred annuity is a long-term retirement tool that allows you to use the accumulations in your income years to form a corpus that is used to purchase a retirement plan to receive a pension in your golden years.

Today's life insurance plans are not limited to just protection, they also meet your savings and investment needs. Insure wisely, insure properly is the mantra to adhere to in life.

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